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What techniques are used by physiotherapy and manual therapy?

Manual therapies, physical exercises or the application of physical agents such as heat, cold, water, electricity and ultrasound, are techniques used in order to achieve maximum functional performance of the various abilities of an individual.
The Ordre des physiotherapeutes favors the interdisciplinary collaboration leveraging manual therapy teams.


What is Osteopathy?

« Osteopathy is defined as a manual therapy focusing on the functional disorders of the human body. It differs sharply from other interventions in manual therapy. It should not be confused with physiotherapy or chiropractic. » Definition according to the Commission des Praticiens en médecines douces du Québec (CPMDQ).

What are the technics involved in osteopathy?

« The osteopath, the body’s clockmaker, uses his hands in different ways to establish an osteopathic diagnosis and deliver a treatment. Through various mobility tests, both at the articular (vertebral or peripheral) and visceral or cranial levels, he evaluates the state of the different systems of the human body. He uses, for this purpose, different types of palpation that will allow him to evaluate the shape, the volume, the consistency or the tension and the position of the structures evaluated. » (CPMDQ)

Massage therapy treatments

Massage therapy, the therapeutic approach

« Massage therapy is one of the oldest therapies against physical pain. It is a therapeutic treatment that consists in treating or relieving the pains of a person by maneuvers made with the hands and various ointments or therapeutic oils. The massage treatments can use several techniques whose purpose is the relief of muscle groups and relaxation of the person to achieve overall health » (CPMDQ)


« Diagnostic and therapeutic method of Chinese origin, based on the identification of precise points located along the meridians and on their stimulation using special needles, or other acupuncture tools, in order to control the circulation of energy in the body. The acupuncturist administers the treatment after performing an energy assessment according to the rules of traditional Chinese medicine. » (Source, government online)