Sports physiotherapy

Etymology: (1903) ancient Greek φύσις, phýsis (nature) and θεραπεία, therapeía, (therapy).

Physical activity has many benefits: it helps to prevent various diseases such as cancer and diabetes, to improve sleep and concentration and to reduce stress.
This is why a branch of medicine is dedicated to the practice of sports. We call it sports medicine. Sports physicians aim to offer advice and care to amateur or professional athletes regarding their activities.
It is then the physiotherapist’s role to support the patient so that he or she can resume sports and leisure activities. It is then the physiotherapist’s role to support the patient so that he or she can resume sports and leisure activities in a safe and sustainable manner.

Sports physiotherapy is for anyone who suffers a sports-related injury and would like to receive more sport-specific care. It is also possible to receive preventive care.

If you are interested in starting a sport but have a specific health condition (asthma, angina, high blood pressure), do not hesitate to consult a sports physiotherapist. We can provide you with an exercise program tailored to your needs.

Here are some conditions often treated in sports physiotherapy

  • Sprains
  • Tendinitis
  • Fractures
  • Dislocation
  • Running assessment
  • Concussion follow-ups

How does one become a physiotherapist? Education

All of our physiotherapists are members of the Ordre professionnel de la physiothérapie du Québec (OPPQ) and can provide physiotherapy diagnoses and treatment plans related to an injury.

It is a profession practiced by health professionals who have completed college and university graduate training.

What is sports physiotherapy?

Sports physiotherapy is primarily based on the specific nature of the sport. This means that your physiotherapist will adapt his or her assessment to your specific activity.

He or she will also take the time to observe and analyze your posture and athletic movements in order to detect any defects that could be corrected.

Sports physiotherapy interventions include manual techniques, but the most important tool is a personalized exercise program with weekly progressions. The advice given is also specific to your sport.

When and why should you see a physiotherapist?

You can consult a sports physiotherapist at any time, but we recommend consulting quickly after an injury.

With the right exercises and a close follow-up, your recovery will be faster. We all know that it is difficult to take a forced break from our favorite sports.

In our CMI Clinics, you will receive interdisciplinary follow-up. This means that you will be guided by a team of health professionals including physicians, physiotherapists, kinesiologists, acupuncturists and psychologists who will work together to meet your needs.

What should you expect from a session in our Longueuil physiotherapy clinic?

When you arrive at one of our clinics, we will ask you to fill out a few health questionnaires. This will allow us to better understand your condition and your goals.

You will then meet with a physiotherapist. He or she will ask you specific questions about your injury and sports, and then assess your physical abilities. Observing a few sports-specific movements will help identify the root cause of your pain or injury.

The final part of the evaluation will include treatment, biomechanical adjustments (if necessary), advice and an exercise program specific to your injury.

Make the most of the time with your physiotherapist to ask your questions, and don’t forget your sportswear!

The techniques we use in sports physiotherapy

During the first physiotherapy sessions, your injury is likely still in the acute stage. Do not hesitate to make an appointment with us even if you have just injured yourself. We will find something to help you.

The first interventions will therefore aim to reduce the swelling, inflammation and pain.

The treatment could include gentle mobilizations, manual therapy, teaching of exercises, cryotherapy, compression or taping.

The physiotherapist will analyze your sports movements and then help you optimize them in order to reduce the risk of injury and improve your performance.

Costs of a sports physiotherapy treatment

The cost of a physiotherapy session is $85 and remains the same whether it is for an evaluation or for treatment.

So, whether you are a recreational or an elite athlete, receiving prompt attention in sports physiotherapy is a must. Sports physiotherapy is open to everyone!

The costs of a sports physiotherapy session are not covered by the RAMQ.

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