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Physiotherapy is a profession practiced by health professionals with college education and a graduate university degree. The physiotherapist is a member of the Ordre professionnel de la physiothérapie du Québec and may issue diagnoses in physiotherapy and treatment plans related to the injury.

Physiotherapy treatment

Pain treatment

According to his training, the physiotherapist treats muscle, bone and joint pain, torticollis, back pain … Bladder problems and perineal reeducation.
The physiotherapist is a healthcare practitioner who will be able to express an opinion on the needs in orthotics and assisting devices useful for his patient.
Physiotherapists use different techniques; manual therapy, sports therapy, McKenzie approach, osteopathic approach, massage therapy and conventional physiotherapy to treat acute and chronic phase.
In order to keep up with new techniques and approaches and to keep their skills up to date, our physiotherapy center staff are actively participating in an annual continuing education program.
In CMI physiotherapy clinics, our healthcare professionals work in a multidisciplinary team to maximize the treatment plan and interventions. To make an appointment at one of our facilities, contact one of our clinics near you.