Etymology: made from the prefix osteo- and the suffix -pathy. The method was founded by Dr Andrew Taylor Still.

What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a holistic approach that allows us to act on functional disorders and symptoms. Osteopathy is for all types of clients, from infants to the elderly, including athletes and pregnant women.

Here are some of the situations often treated with osteopathy in our CMI Clinics:

  • Digestive system (constipation, gastric reflux…)
  • Musculoskeletal system (cervical or lumbar disc hernia discs, jaw problems…)
  • Urogenital system (bladder problems, painful periods…)
  • Nervous system (neuropathy, headaches…)
  • Circulatory system (edema, palpitations)
  • Ear, nose and throat system (sinusitis, otitis, vertigo…)

How does osteopathy work?

Osteopathy is a form of alternative medicine that aims to understand patients’ symptoms based on a complete analysis of the different systems of the whole body. It is primarily a manual practice that relies on a deep knowledge of human anatomy and physiology.

When and why should you consult an osteopath?

Osteopathy in Quebec is allowed in direct access. This means that you do not need a referral from a doctor to receive osteopathic care.

If you have been experiencing pain or problems for several days, you can contact us to be treated by one of our osteopathic professionals.

An osteopathy treatment is also effective in preventing musculoskeletal problems. Indeed, a session will help to identify and evaluate discrete deficiencies and thus prevent more serious problems in the future. It is recommended to consult an osteopath every 6 months for preventive purposes.

What should you expect from an osteopathy session in our CMI clinics?

The osteopaths in our clinic are all trained in osteopathic schools recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and are very well integrated into our team of health professionals.

Each session lasts an average of one hour and is divided into an assessment and a treatment part. It is normal to feel tired after a session but the techniques used are painless.

Remember to bring comfortable and light clothing, because the osteopath will have to be in contact with your skin as much as possible. Also consider bringing clothing that allows you to expose the painful area. Don’t forget your face mask!

The techniques we use in osteopathy

Osteopathy is mainly based on manual techniques. The aim is to identify mobility disorders through careful palpation.

The different manual techniques are:

  • Muscle energy
  • Fascial technique
  • Direct mobilization
  • General osteopathic treatment
  • Strain/Conterstrain
  • High velocity
  • PRM (Primary respiratory movement)

Costs of an osteopathy treatment

Most group insurance plans reimburse a portion of the treatment costs.

Your doctor may also request physiotherapy with an osteopathic approach for physical rehabilitation following a work accident. This treatment is provided by a physiotherapy professional with expertise in osteopathy.

Contact us for more information on osteopathy treatments and insurance coverage.

The costs of an osteopathy session are not covered by the RAMQ.

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