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Occupational therapy is a health profession that provides services to the person for the ability to function in everyday life is disrupted by an injury or physical illness, developmental problems, aging, mental illness or emotional problems.
All the occupational therapists of the CMI clinics are members of the Ordre des Ergothérapeutes du Québec.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy treatments begin with an assessment of how you work in your environment and the impact your health problem has on your occupations. Then, the occupational therapist collaborates with you to find solutions for your functional difficulties. The occupational therapist uses the adaptation of significant activities as a rehabilitative tool to accomplish your goals. Occupational therapy also analyzes how the environment influences the daily activities. Thus, workstation adjustment or home  adaptations may be proposed to facilitate the resumption of your occupations autonomously.

At any point in life, we can develop limitations that affect our participation in daily activities.  thus, occupational therapists work with people of all ages. A child with concentration difficulties at school, an injured worker who can not go back to work or a senior who has just fallen are all individuals who could benefit from occupational therapy follow-up.

At CMI Clinics, occupational therapists work primarily with people who have had a musculoskeletal injury that interferes with their daily activities and their jobs. By analyzing how residual physical abilities, psycho-social factors and environmental elements influence the realization of occupations, they are able to accompany you in your rehabilitation with  a global vision of your condition. An interdisciplinary approach is favored by occupational therapists to coordinate the treatment plan and to facilitate the resumption of your regular activities.

Occupational therapists at our clinics can also address mental health issues that disrupt the functioning of those affected. (Link to Mental Health page)

All our occupational therapists are members of the Ordre des Ergothérapeutes du Québec.

Occupational therapists at CMI clinics offer these services to their clients:

  • Programs of graduated activities
  • Planning and support to return to work
  • Functional  and work abilities evaluation
  • Functional and work capacity development program
  • Workstation evaluation
  • Assessment of home functioning
  • Teaching of pain management techniques
  • Teaching of postural hygiene principles
  • Teaching of safe work techniques
  • Driving assessment
  • Hand therapy
  • Resumption of leisure and community activities