MAYA program

Maintenance of AAcquired skills through Adapted Yoga

Participate in our comprehensive fitness program with the help of health professionals and improve your physical and mental health in just 6 weeks.

Who is it for?

The program is open to all but here are some examples of participants who have recently completed the program:

  • An athlete who wants to work on their flexibility and mental control
  • A person who wishes to better manage their stress and anxiety
  • Someone who wants to get back into shape while learning meditation
  • A person who has just completed rehabilitation after an injury and wishes to maintain their skills while improving their fitness level

What is the MAYA program?

The M.A.Y.A fitness program is a program supervised by our health professionals at the CMI Clinics. The goal is to improve your physical and mental health on a daily basis.

We use three approaches to achieve this goal:

Muscular strengthening

Customized strengthening exercises help each participant develop muscle strength in a gentle and personalized way to prepare for the adapted yoga sessions.

Adapted yoga

Basic yoga postures are explored and modified with the participants. The objective is to allow them to go back to their favourite activity or to use yoga in their daily life for a better health.

Meditation and breathing

These simple methods help participants regain control of their emotions, reducing the impact of stress and anxiety.

How does the MAYA program work?

After you complete the registration form, one of our professionals will contact you. The first meeting is designed to get to know you, and to better understand your expectations and goals regarding the program. You will then receive a detailed program for each session.

The sessions are in person and/or virtual and allow participants to join in real time or offline.

The program takes place over three 30-minute sessions per week for a period of six weeks.

Here are the different goals you will have to accomplish during the program.

Muscular strengthening

  • Reactivate the body safely within the limits of each individual

  • Provide a framework for good sports practice and overall strengthening

  • Develop physical skills to facilitate the integration of yoga postures

Adapted yoga

  • Explore the main postures used in typical yoga sessions
  • Learn how to adjust these postures to practice yoga within your own limitations

  • Develop confidence in the practice and in yourself

Meditation and breathing

  • Develop tools to better manage anxiety and stress

  • Understand and practice the fundamentals of meditation

  • Use visualization and breathing to create a state of calm

  • Learn how to breathe in an optimal way.

Program supervised by health professionals

Unique and personalized program

Results in six weeks

Example of the content of the first week of the program

Muscular strengthening

Introduction to
physical training

  • Muscle and joint warm-up

  • A 5-exercise routine

  • Review of each movement in order to perform them in an optimal way

Adapted yoga

Rooting and bending

  • Introduction to the foundation of standing yoga postures

  • Beginning of forward bends

Yoga postures covered: mountain pose, forward bend, downward-facing dog, child’s pose, tree pose

Meditation and breathing

Relaxation and preparation for deep sleep
  • Connecting to the breath

  • Reaching a state of physical and mental relaxation

  • Deeply relax every part of the body

A 15-minute virtual one-on-one follow-up consultation

What our patients say about the M.A.Y.A program

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The MAYA program has allowed me to reduce my daily stress and anxiety. I had been wanting to get back into shape for a long time and under the advice of my doctor I decided to jump in. The first few months were intense, but thanks to the team's guidance, I was able to reach my goals one by one. Today, I feel perfectly fine in my body and mind. But be careful, this program is not a miracle recipe. You have to put in the effort to make it work, but it is worth it. I have already recommended this program to my friends.
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The MAYA program was a great experience as well as being beneficial for my body and especially for my back. Mentally I have seen a great evolution in the way I manage my stress. I am now able to better control my emotions thanks to the breathing sessions.
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When I was told about this program, I immediately said to myself: "another magical fitness program...". Then when I took a closer look I saw that the sessions were supervised by health professionals, which reassured me. So I decided to try it out and what I can tell you is that this program is very beneficial for the body and the mind. I can now take a step back from reality to better focus on myself and this helps a lot with my well-being.

What is the cost of this program?

The cost of the program is $250 including a yoga mat, two foam blocks and a strap to support you in your practice.

If you want to take care of your physical and mental health while being guided by health professionals, this program is for you!

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