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About the clinic

The CMI Côte-Vertu Physiotherapy Clinic is located in one of the most important medical clinics in St-Laurent, Ahuntsic and Bordeaux Cartierville, the Medical Clinic Le Plein Ciel.

It offers many services, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, mental health occupational therapy, kinesiology and hand therapy.

The collaboration of the CMI team with physicians is very important and helps to maximize the effectiveness of treatment plans.


Who is physiotherapy for?

Physiotherapy treats very specific health problems such as perineal physiotherapy, but it is also for people with unknown conditions who are experiencing acute or chronic pain.

What techniques do we use in physiotherapy?

Observation and assessment of the patient’s movements is a big part of the treatment, as well as listening. Physiotherapists follow their patients very closely and pay attention to their limitations, tolerances and irritability.

Some of the techniques used are manual therapy, personalized exercises (teaching, education), massage therapy and myofascial release.

Occupational Therapy

Who is mental health occupational therapy for?

At the CMI Côte-Vertu, we use occupational therapy to treat people with limited or reduced autonomy. This may be the result of an accident or injury. Very often, the person’s work is interrupted, but it is their entire daily life that is disrupted.

So, the objective of the treatment is to regain functional abilities and to be able to return to daily activities in a safe and sustainable manner.

If you have recently suffered an accident or injury, talk to your doctor about occupational therapy so that he or she can tell you when to make an appointment with an occupational therapist to start your rehabilitation treatment.

How do we create a treatment program?

The first step in a patient’s follow-up in occupational therapy, whether for a specific condition or not, is an evaluation. This involves two approaches.

The first, major one, aims at establishing a relationship of trust between the patient and the therapist. He or she also aims to understand the environment (social, physical, professional) in which the patient lives.

Understanding the individual’s functioning is essential because it determines the extent to which the injury interferes with his or her daily life.

The second approach in the assessment session is a series of tests and scenarios to measure the abilities related to the injury.

After this, your occupational therapist will establish a treatment plan that includes a program of specific exercises, stretching and scenarios to help you gradually resume your activity.

Mental Health Occupational Therapy

Who is mental health occupational therapy for?

Mental health occupational therapy is intended for anyone whose psychological condition interferes with their daily life.

It is never too early or too late to begin follow-up in mental health occupational therapy.

If you identify symptoms that could indicate an imbalance, do not hesitate to make an appointment with an occupational therapist at our CMI Côte-Vertu Clinic or to talk about your situation with a health care professional so that we can help you.

These warning signs may include feelings of exhaustion, isolation, and loss of concentration and motivation.

Hand Clinic

Who can benefit from hand therapy and who can provide it?

At CMI Côte-Vertu, hand therapy is for anyone who has a particular condition in the upper limb or the hand.

This may include people with sports injuries, such as a sprained wrist from a skating fall, or people who have had very recent hand surgery, such as reconstructive surgery or joint replacement.

The therapy can also be used for people whose condition is not identified, but who have persistent pain in their hand or wrist. If this is your case, do not hesitate to make an appointment.

The therapists who practice hand therapy are occupational therapists.


What is kinesiology and who is it for?

Kinesiology helps people to improve and develop their physical condition. To do so, the kinesiologists at the Côte-Vertu Clinic establish a personalized treatment based on the patient’s needs and objectives identified through an initial evaluation.

During the evaluation, the kinesiologist assesses the patient’s capacities, lifestyle habits and potential health risks related, or not, to a specific condition.

Kinesiology is for everyone, not only for people with a known condition.

Therapeutic Yoga

What are the objectives of therapeutic yoga?

At CMI Côte-Vertu, your well-being is our goal. That’s why we offer therapeutic yoga, which aims to promote internal balance.

Some of our patients attend yoga classes to manage acute and chronic injuries such as back problems (herniated disc, lumbar sprain).

Through specific yoga postures, meditation or relaxation exercises to calm the nervous system, yoga can promote stress management, acceptance and non-judgment, as well as an overall improvement in the individual’s well-being.

Massage Therapy

The benefits of massage therapy and therapeutic massage

There is a reason why massage is recommended as a complement to several other disciplines at our CMI Clinic in Côte-Vertu (physiotherapy, occupational therapy).

Indeed, massage therapy has many benefits, whether you have a specific condition – injury, acute pain, stress related to work or a change in life – or not.

For example, it can help relieve muscular pain, improve sleep quality and promote the release of tension, or improve range of motion. In short, massage therapy can have a significant impact on your well-being.

What are the uses for Swedish massage and myofascial release?

In massage therapy, we use two main techniques: Swedish massage, which is the most common, and myofascial release.

Swedish massage involves a series of dynamic movements and is effective for relaxing muscles. It is used for therapeutic massage, relaxation massage and for pregnant women.

Myofascial release consists of slow movements. It is used when the individual has knots, or trigger points. The goal is to relieve the patient of their tissue restrictions.


When should acupuncture be used?

This practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) aims to keep the body’s energies in harmony and can be used for many conditions. They range from general disorders such as stress, fatigue, headaches or insomnia; to circulatory and cardiovascular disorders such as water retention; to ear, nose and throat (ENT) disorders.

What techniques do we use?

The acupuncturists at CMI Côte-Vertu most often use needles during their sessions, but other tools are also used. These include cupping, heat or electrical stimulation.

The choice of using one or the other will depend on the patient’s condition and the goal the acupuncturist is trying to achieve. All of this will be determined by a preliminary assessment, during which the acupuncturist seeks to identify the imbalance in the body.

Private Trainer

Why hire a personal trainer?

A personal trainer acts as a facilitator and motivator for his or her patients. After defining together the goal of the follow-up (weight loss, fitness, sports performance), your private trainer can build you a personalized program.

In addition to their motivational role, private trainers also work in prevention. Indeed, going from a daily life without sports to one with intense sports activity involves risks, which is why it is important to be supervised.

Weight loss or overall fitness: what does a training session look like?

A training session may last from 30 to 90 minutes depending on your schedule and is divided into three parts: cardio (40%), muscle training (40%) and flexibility (20%).

If you would like to receive nutritional advice along with the training sessions, we recommend that you make an appointment with one of our nutritionists.

How much is a follow-up with a private trainer?

Our program consists of five one-hour sessions plus an initial assessment session that also lasts sixty minutes. The total cost is $350.

Medical visits are covered by the RAMQ.

How to get to the clinic

CMI Côte-Vertu is located in the Clinique Plein Ciel and is accessible by the elevator or the stairs.

The closest metro station to the clinic is Côte-Vertu, on the orange line. You will then have to take a bus to get to the clinic.

Bus 121 from the Côte-Vertu metro station can take you close to the CMI Côte-Vertu Clinic. The stop is Côte-Vertu/Muir – 55720. You will have to walk about 3 minutes to get to the clinic.

Another option is to take the bus 171 from the Côte-Vertu metro station. You will need to get off at the Côte-Vertu/Muir stop – also 55720 and then walk about 3 minutes.

A bicycle path allows you to get to CMI Côte-Vertu

Parking is available in front of the clinic.


Our facility is fully accessible to people with reduced mobility. An automated access is located at the front door of the building. Parking spaces are accessible and available for people with reduced mobility.

Multidisciplinary team

With medical follow-up directly at our clinic, patients can get answers to their questions quickly. This allows the patient to discuss his or her treatment plan with the team of therapists at the CMI Clinics and make any necessary changes in a timely manner. The professionals at CMI Clinics are important assets in maximizing the patient’s rehabilitation.

All of our treatment staff are members of a professional association and participate in ongoing annual training to keep their skills up to date.

Medical visits and consultations are covered by the RAMQ. We treat CNESST, SAAQ, sports and other clients. Our physiotherapists have expertise in manual, sports and conventional therapy. We provide services in French and English.

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