We are looking for
a nurse

We are looking for a nurse for CMI Clinics.

CMI Clinics are constantly growing and expanding.
Our excellent reputation, our wide range of services and our concern for professionalism have resulted in an ever-growing clientele.

CMI Clinics are highly regarded in musculoskeletal medicine, occupational medicine, upper extremity, knee therapy (kneeKG), and back and lumbar programs.

CMI Clinics includes 6 clinics, more than 15 occupational therapists, over 20 physiotherapists and physiotherapy technologists and several acupuncturists, osteopaths and psychologists. Our team of over 25 physicians, both general practitioners and specialists, are available to collaborate with you every day.

We are looking for a nurse with skills and experience in blood collection.

Education: College, Licensed Practical Nurse completed
Previous experience: 1 to 2 years of relevant experience
Skills and qualifications: punctual, dynamic, responsible
Language requirements: spoken French and English – written French
Salary: according to experience from $20 to $24 per hour
Working hours: between 21 and 30 hours per week
Employment status: permanent, daytime

If you are seeking a diverse practice and want to take on challenges while being supervised by passionate and experienced professionals, a CMI Clinic is the place to be.

Develop your full potential and become part of a multidisciplinary team!


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