Work-related accidents – CNESST claims

Following an accident at work (CNESST), here are the important steps to follow:

  • Immediately ensure that the required first aid is administered.
  • Immediately notify your employer or manager at work.
  • Complete the CNESST worker declaration form.
  • See a doctor quickly to follow up on your case.

The team of doctors at CMI Clinic is ready to receive you. The doctors at CMI Clinic are well equipped to provide quality medical follow-up of your condition and file with the CNESST.

Follow the instructions and treatment plan provided to you by your doctor. He or she will often prescribe physical and occupational therapy following a work-related injury to help with relief and strengthening.

At CMI Clinic, teamwork is part of our values, and this will help your condition and achieve your goals. Medical follow-up by competent and attentive health professionals who communicate with each other can make all the difference. Consult the CMI Clinic that best suits you at one of our many locations.

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