Reduce pain with manual therapy

What are the effects?

It should be noted that this technique does not cause any side effects when indicated. The effects of manual therapy may include increased local blood flow, muscle relaxation, decreased scar tissue adhesions, increased joint range of motion, and decreased muscle spasms. Gains achieved through manual therapy are long-lasting if it is used properly and accompanied by home exercises, good posture, and self-management.

When can manual therapy be used?

Manual therapy is used for many purposes, both for acute or chronic pain conditions. It is thus included in the treatment of various neuro-musculoskeletal conditions, such as osteoarthritis, lower back pain, herniated discs, cervical pain and cervicobrachialgia, cervical headaches, tendinopathy, capsulitis, sciatica, post-sprain, post-immobilization, post-fracture, poor posture, joint blockage, etc. It can even be used, for example, on a patient with an alteration of the movement of the thoracic cage having an impact on breathing.

Mobilizations and joint manipulations

There are two types of mobilizations: physiological and accessory. Accessory movements are small, specific involuntary movements that, when combined, allow physiological movement. Accessory movement occurs at the surfaces of a joint and is determined by the shape of the joint.

The intensity of the accessory mobilizations depends on the treatment objective and the irritability of the condition. It is graded according to grades, which are determined by the range of motion and speed of mobilization. The highest grade is a manipulation, which is a small-amplitude mobilization performed in a brief, rapid manner. Mobilizations are performed to increase or maintain mobility as well as to relieve pain using the Gate Control theory.

In short, manual therapy is an approach to treatment and assessment that incorporates many techniques and can be indicated for a wide variety of conditions. Your physiotherapist will be able to determine which of the techniques described above are appropriate for you.

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