Be careful; wear boots that have good traction, try walking in well-lit areas and minimize walking on slippery or poorly snow-cleared surfaces. Make sure the equipment you are using is functioning properly. If you are hanging or working with cables, make sure the cables are intact and the hinges and locks are secure. If you regularly go up or down stairs, hold the grab bar with one hand and go at a safe pace. When cycling, make sure you are visible (headlights, turn signals, visible clothing), check the condition of the tires and wear your helmet.

If an injury occurs following a fall, the physiotherapists at our various clinics can assess your condition and treat you. They will help you regain your lost strengths and joint range of motion, as well as reduce the inflammatory process that often affects the area injured.

Occupational therapists at our clinics will help you improve your physical abilities and manage your pain. With these tools and the help of the occupational therapist, you will be able to do your daily activities, your tasks and hobbies as before and you will be able to return to work gradually and safely.

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