Muscular strengthening exercises

When we think about muscular strengthening exercises, we quickly get the image of someone lifting weights in a gym. However, strengthening is more than just lifting loads. Muscular strength allows us to do our work, maintain a stable posture and practice our favorite sports, so physiotherapy uses targeted muscular strengthening exercises to improve your condition. … Read more

Proprioception exercises in physiotherapy

Today we are talking about proprioception. Proprioception is closely related to our balance. Let’s learn more anout proprioception: it is our body’s ability to know where our limbs are in space and to feel our movements. Proprioception is complex, but in simple terms, receptors located in our muscles, ligaments and skin send signals to our … Read more

Mobility exercises in physiotherapy

Have you been feeling like you’ve lost some mobility in your shoulder or hip for a while now? Do you tell yourself that this is normal and that it is just part of getting older? Actually, no! Your joints are supposed to maintain their range of motion if you use them regularly. A rapid decrease … Read more

Reduce pain with manual therapy

What are the effects? It should be noted that this technique does not cause any side effects when indicated. The effects of manual therapy may include increased local blood flow, muscle relaxation, decreased scar tissue adhesions, increased joint range of motion, and decreased muscle spasms. Gains achieved through manual therapy are long-lasting if it is … Read more

What to expect during the first physiotherapy visit?

Have you been advised by a colleague, friend, family member or doctor to see a physiotherapist? This is your first visit and you do not know what to expect or what it is. This article will allow you to go to your first physiotherapy session with realistic expectations while being well prepared. It should be … Read more

Physiotherapy – Perineal rehabilitation

What is perineal rehabilitation? Perineal rehabilitation is a specialized field of physiotherapy that addresses issues related to the perineal region. A consultation in perineal rehabilitation does not require a medical prescription, since the patients can present themselves in direct access. However, your gynecologist or family doctor may also refer you. However, your gynecologist or family … Read more

Physiotherapist – Physical capacities

Whether you are an athlete, a worker or a senior citizen, we are all at risk of injury. However, pain relief is not enough to solve the problem. Too often, the injury leaves various after-effects that people do not think about and that can increase the risk of getting injured again, developing other pains or … Read more

Breathing in physiotherapy

How can we define breathing? For some, it is the gas exchange between oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2). For others, it is one of the essential functions of living beings or simply an involuntary movement. These definitions are all true. Inhalation and exhalation are rhythmic, spontaneous and unconscious movements that make the respiratory system … Read more

The different types of exercises in physiotherapy

An exercise program at home will almost certainly be part of the treatment plan in physiotherapy. Physiotherapy exercises have been proven to be an extremely important modality in the management of many musculoskeletal conditions. A detailed and personalized program developed by your physiotherapist will help target the appropriate goals and avoid injuries. This program should … Read more

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