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Muscular strengthening exercises

When we think about muscular strengthening exercises, we quickly get the image of someone lifting weights in a gym. However, strengthening is more than just

Proprioception exercises in physiotherapy

Today we are talking about proprioception. Proprioception is closely related to our balance. Let’s learn more anout proprioception: it is our body’s ability to know

Reduce pain with manual therapy

What are the effects? It should be noted that this technique does not cause any side effects when indicated. The effects of manual therapy may

Physiotherapy – Perineal rehabilitation

What is perineal rehabilitation? Perineal rehabilitation is a specialized field of physiotherapy that addresses issues related to the perineal region. A consultation in perineal rehabilitation


Breathing in physiotherapy

How can we define breathing? For some, it is the gas exchange between oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2). For others, it is one of

Treatments and prevention

Myofascial release in physiotherapy

Myofascial release: symptoms and treatments What is myofascial release? Myofascial release treats soft tissues with pain and movement limitations. It is a generic term used

How to treat spinal disc herniations?

Spinal disc herniations come without warning! For example, a spinal disc herniation may occur while doing the simplest activities… Summer is coming and you have

How to relieve carpal tunnel?

During your lunch hour, you are having a conversation with colleagues. One of the employees says she’s been experiencing numbness in her fingers at night

How to treat a concussion?

Every year, many people suffer a concussion (a mild traumatic brain injury), just like in the case we are about to discuss. In many instances,


How to treat plantar fasciitis?

Definition The plantar fascia is a thick band of tissue that forms the base of the foot (the plantar arch). It begins at the heel

physiotherapy-CMI-Clinic-Capsulitis of the shoulder

How to treat shoulder capsulitis?

Adhesive capsulitis is a condition that is characterized by pain and progressive restriction of shoulder movement. The diagnostic criteria are a loss of mobility of


How to treat a knee sprain?

A lot of patients consult in physiotherapy for knee sprains. This injury occurs during false movements where the knee suffers a torsion or an excessive

Sprained ankle | Physiotherapy | Clinic CMI

How to treat an ankle sprain?

Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries treated in physiotherapy because they usually occur during our daily activities. Most of the time, the


All about tendinopathy

Tendinopathies are different painful problems that affect the tendons of muscles. We often hear the terms tendinitis and tendinosis used without really knowing what the


How to treat a lumbar sprain?

Lumbar sprain is a diagnosis used to describe an injury in the lower back. The strict definition of sprain is the stretching with or without


Whiplash is often caused by violent and sudden movements of the neck and head during a driving accident, especially when struck from behind. Whiplash can also be initiated by other causes, such as falls, skiing accidents, bungee jumps, on rides such as roller coasters, while traveling by air, etc.


Injuries due to falls account for approximately 20% of accidents that result in time off work. Be careful; wear boots that have good traction, try walking in well-lit areas and minimize walking on slippery or poorly snow-cleared surfaces.

Occupational health

how to avoid muscular pain when working from home

Remote work: 3 tips to avoid muscular pain

Muscle pain related to remote work has become a new reality for many as a result of COVID-19, even though working from home has been a growing trend over the past 10 years.

Work-related accidents – CNESST claims

Following an accident at work (CNESST), here are the important steps to follow: Immediately ensure that the required first aid is administered. Immediately notify your employer or manager at work. Complete the CNESST worker declaration form.
See a doctor quickly to follow up on your case.

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